Laundry Services

Enviro-Maids Cleaning Services is now offering laundry services off site from your home or professional facility.  We pick up the laundry, sort it at our facility, clean and fold it and deliver it back to your facility. Since we determine the price based on the weight of your clothing (by the pound) the cost will likely be different every week. We provide all cleaning supplies as we use only environmentally friendly, non-phosphate laundry detergent. The price per pound is $1.50 and that includes all products used to get your clothes clean.  You can rest assured your laundry is being done in a professional and clean environment.

Our professional fees are discounted at $1.50 per pound for regular customers and $1.75 per pound for one offs.
• Pick up dirty laundry and deliver clean laundry back to you same day
• Wash, sort, steam (iron) and fold clothing
• Provide new bags every time for clean laundry
• Duvets and comforters (sorry no wool blankets)
• Work clothes
Restaurants love this service! It provides a no hassle service to getting their rags cleaned.