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January 2, 2013 Second Vehicle added Enviro-maids are excited to announce we have put a second vehicle on the road and  hired a new staff member to our team of professional cleaners. April comes to us with years of cleaning experience and is a welcome addition. 0
March 21, 2012 Norwex has a series of different products to help you live non toxic. check out my site at This our general brand of cleaning product, used in your business or home. 0
March 21, 2012 live_nontoxic_solutions 0
March 19, 2012 Recipe general cleaner 2 liters of water half a cup of vinegar 1/4 cup of baking soda stir and you can store it. Pour some into a spray bottle and add 1 tbsp essential oil or Norwex odor eliminator for scent ‘NO MORE 0
March 19, 2012 Click here to buy Norwex Products My norwex site 0
March 19, 2012 eartheasy link (very informative earth friendly choices) click here for amazing home made recipes for cleaning products! 0
November 25, 2011 Paypal is here! Now you can pay for your cleaning with your credit card or through your paypal account it’s really simple! But…don’t forget to add 3% to the sale for processing fees. That’s because that is how much paypal charges me to 0
August 25, 2011 Granite and porous stone countertops… Are very picky what they like to be cleaned with. Don’t use CLR kitchen and bathroom cleaner on this type of countertop it will stain. Instead just use your Norwex cloth and then shine with the shining cloth. It sparkles. 0
August 25, 2011 Service now available for Meaford through to Collingwood Enviro-maids have been well received in Owen Sound so we have decided to offer our services to the Meaford, Thornbury, Lora Bay and Collingwood area in addition. We are thorough, professional, detail focused and bonded as well as insured for 0
August 24, 2011 Laundry Services Now Available Why not let enviro-maids do your laundry for you! See our new laundry page for full details 0